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Concept Design



August 13th 2011

We are now EPA Certified for Lead Safety for Renovation, Repairs and Painting.



August 13th 2011

Current projects:

Pate: San Dimas, Kitchen remodel

Loggia: Covina, Kitchen remodel

Colpepper: Pomona, Kitchen remodel, flooring

Hafif: Santago Canyon, New custom home.

County estates: Roofing projects, multiple units

General Building


When looking for a contractor with a solid, proven record of quality and dependability, look no further than Cal Pro Construction Inc. Our combination of site development and concrete construction services are unique in the industry. By packaging site work and concrete construction together, you are assured that two of your project’s most critical scopes of work are done right and on time.

Every job is meticulously planned right from the bid stage . We partner with our clients to ensure that their schedule, expectations, and budgets are met. Every project is executed by the most experienced and well trained craftsmen in the industry using the latest technology and techniques. If you are tired of the problems, excuses, and managing through the incomplete scopes-of-work of the other guys, please contact us today. Our goal is to deliver a top quality product to our clients with no ugly surprises or problems along the way.



Tunkey Concrete Packages

Cal Pro Construction Inc begins each project with a client-focused plan-of-action. Our highly qualified team of estimators and project managers plan and coordinate all phases of every job. Our craftsmen then use the latest technology, training, and equipment to create a superior construction — on time and on budget.

We save our customers costly downtime. Our turnkey approach, vast experience, and team philosophy consistently delivers projects on time and within specification. You will find a superior commitment to quality and safety in every part of our organization, making us an exceptional choice for time-sensitive plant/equipment upgrades and shut down projects.

  • Foundations
  • Super-Flat Slabs
  • Structure Demolition and Renovation
  • Concrete Floor Replacement and Rehab
  • Concrete Repair and Rehab
  • Floor Joints and Surface Repairs
  • Cast-in-Place Walls
  • Footings and Tank Pads
  • Piers
  • Columns
  • Vaults
  • Tunnels
  • Elevated Concrete Decks
  • Concrete and Asphalt Parking Lot Paving
  • Tilt-up Concrete
  • Structural Concrete


Grading/Site Develeopment

Precise site development is critical to the success of every major construction project. Wayne Brothers excels at handling all phases of site work from excavation and erosion control to building pads. By creating detailed computer-aided takeoffs, our team of estimators eliminates the guesswork typically associated with grading estimates. Our highly skilled craftsmen use laser-guided technology and the latest equipment to achieve the most accurate grading possible.

  • Demolition
  • Clearing / Disposal
  • Excavation / Hauling
  • Roadways
  • Utilities
  • Stone Placement
  • Building Pads
  • Parking Lots
  • Construction Entrances
  • Erosion Control
  • Concrete Paving
  • Cast-in-Place Retaining Walls
  • Modular Retaining Walls
  • Water and Sewer
  • Storm Drainage



Placing and Finishing

High-tech equipment requires extreme flatness and levelness. Cal Pro Construction Inc is highly skilled in finishing to the exacting specifications of superflat slabs needed under specialized manufacturing equipment. The developer of the F number floor flatness and levelness specification system. Our extensive in-house training and certification program for our concrete finishers, ensures that every project is executed by the most skilled and best equipped craftsmen in the industry.

  • Superflat Slabs
  • Elevated Concrete Slabs
  • Topping Slabs
  • Defined Traffic Slabs
  • Random Traffic Slabs
  • Shrinkage Compensating (type “K”) Slabs
  • Specialty (Metalic and Aggregate) Dry-Shake Surface Hardened Slabs
  • Turnkey Slab Packages
  • Concrete Paving & Parking Lot Finishing
  • Stamped & Decorative
  • Concrete Slab / Joint Repair
  • Vertical Wall Finishing & Rubbing



Combined Services Packages

Imagine the convenience of having the same experts develop your site AND build the foundations or slab-on-grade for your next project. Cal Pro Construction Inc is unique in being able to offer, not just collaborative partnering, but combined services; making your job easier.


Collaborative Partnering

Cal Pro Construction Inc has the collective expertise to collaborate with you on the design and execution of your complex concrete construction. Our team approach starts by correctly defining the project scope and then carefully coordinating every cost decision, presenting value engineering options to you. We have the resources and know-how to make the most difficult concept a reality – on time and within budget


Rough Framing

Cal Pro Construction Inc can formulate coherent building procedures that optimize the entire structure, not just the rough frame of the building. We formulate rough frame structural requirements for commercial and residential buildings in the Southern California Area

Framing require a good understanding of the construction sequences that effect the entire structure with the current structural requirements of the IBC, UBC & CBC Codes. With the help of our structural engineers we are always researching new types of engineered wood products like LSL, LVL, OSL, SPSL, TJI, RFPI, SSI, CDX, OSB, AOSB, FRBOSB, PSL, GLB, 24F-V4, 24F-V8, IJC, MSR, VGL, LPI to see if the engineered wood products live up to their manufactures claims and warranties.

We stay on top of structural requirements in our plans so we don't end up using the wrong type of framing material.